Lose weight the natural way

As sauerkraut and sauerruben are very poor in calories (100 g of sauerkraut or sauerruben contain only 15 Cal), they can undoubtedly be considered low calorie food.

They are most often used in body cleansing as turnip is known to be an excellent diuretic, whereas cabbage is considered to cleanse the organism of poisonous substances. Spring is the best time to perform a body cleansing fast. Many cultures even known spring fasting. Those who lead a traditional life will know this results from the shortage of food that appears in spring. In Christianity it is practiced due to tradition. However, the best thing to do to cleanse your body is to drink the liquid in which the cabbage has been fermenting.

You could not possibly dispute a body cleansing diet with three days of consuming only raw sauerruben or sauerkraut without any dressings.