and its active substances were known in Ancient Rome and Greece already, which is attested by finds from Ancient Roman food storages.

Cabbage is rich in valuable substances, poor in calories, and delicious, if processed properly. In the Middle Ages it was considered the doctor of the poor man, who was unable to afford court doctors and herbalists.
The best-known story on the effect of cabbage that was practically miraculous  is the real historical account about the captain and explorer James Cook.

While sailing around the Cape of Good Hope on his way to India, his predecessor Vasco da Gama lost almost two thirds of his crew due to scurvy. As captain James Cook was setting off on his voyage around the world, he took the advice of the German natural scientist G. A. Forster to take 60 barrels of sauerkraut on board. The sailors had to eat it during the voyage and no member of the crew got the disease as sauerkraut is an excellent source of Vitamin C.
Eating sauerkraut has a favourable effect on many other health-related issues
- it helps cure inflammations of gum and mucous membranes in mouth
- it strengthens concentration as well as learning and memorizing abilities
- it helps cure osteoporosis
- it strengthens muscle, particularly the heart
- it alleviates disorder in gut flora
- it prevents the development of colorectal cancer
- it helps cure cold and influenza-like illnesses
- it lowers the amount of cholesterol in blood
- it alleviates stress
- it helps cure illnesses related to iodine deficiency
- it alleviates gout related illnesses