Voglje is a nice centrally oriented village formed around a lake. The first records about the village date back to 1247. A Roman road used to traverse the village, which today makes a nice tourist destination. In 1961 the lake was filled up, making space for a park.
The Jerin family have been growing, processing and fermenting turnip and cabbage for generations. At first the complete process was performed by hand, according to old recipes and procedures. The quantities produced were limited, only sufficient to be sold in the vicinity.

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Family tree

Jerin Farm, great-grandfather Janez and great-grandmother Ivanka, grandfather Janez and grandmother Ana used to grow turnip and cabbage on their fields. The tradition has been preserved by Janez and Melita and their three daughters: Klara, Nika and Neža, who spend their childhood in a pleasant environment.


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In 2004 the owners registered a company, which allowed extended production. The company currently cooperates with major Slovenian chain stores, independent retailers, inns and restaurants, their estimated market share in Slovenia being 10%. Sauerruben and sauerkraut are being packed into plastic pots by hand, which makes their shelf life shorter. It is therefore necessary to ensure that there is always fresh produce available in stores.

The farm currently produces 200 tonnes of turnip and cabbage annually. Regularly it only employs family members, additional staff is only hired for exceptional orders.

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O tem, da so naši proizvodi res kakovostni, govori tudi podatek, da imamo trenutno 10-odstotni tržni delež na slovenskem trgu. Uspešno sodelujemo z največjimi slovenskimi trgovskimi verigami, samostojnimi trgovci, gostišči, restavracijam, šolam in bolnišnicam.